Genesis Farms is located in the Artibonite Valley in a small farming community called Cano in the commune of Verrettes, Haiti. In April 1993 the 20 acre plot of land, overlooking the Artibonite River was purchased and work soon began. The barren land was cleared of weeds, and rocks were picked up and used as ramps for terracing. The next step was fencing off the land, and trees were planted around the perimeter of the property to preserve the indigenous bird's habitat.

The first crop that was planted was peanuts all by hand cultivation; these crops were successful. This was the main crop over the years. Some vegetables were tested as well as other varieties of crops. In 2015 a tractor was purchased and we were able to turn over the soil properly and work more land efficiently. From the beginning we have always used organic farming practices. Over the years 12 acres of adjacent land were acquired to preserve the trees and create a potential bird sanctuary.

At present we are working on sustainable and profitable organic farming with an emphasis on crop rotation, compositing, and responsible water management with drip irrigation, and non chemicals pesticide spraying.