FlevoTrade Dronten BV is owned by one of the biggest farmers in the province of Flevoland: The van Liere Brothers. (Gebr. Van Liere) The farms and fields ( around 350 hectares) are situated around DRONTEN. The main grown products are Onions, Potatoes, Carrots, Wheat and Sugar beets.

FlevoTrade Dronten BV is the marketing-, sales-, and export- organisation.

Please find herewith an overview of FlevoTrade activities:

  • Finding, analysing and distributing market information;
  • Contacting regular (and potential) buyers to find market demands;
  • Making export calculations and sending offers;
  • Collecting orders and organise preparation of the goods;
  • If necessary, we search in the market for the best deal;
  • We organise quality control by our own and independent specialists;
  • On request we organise the best way of transport by sea or road;
  • All “paper work” is done by our experienced and professional staff.