Providing the exceptional flavors of our mountains’ rich lands, pioneering the exploration of subtle aromas that come from a long expertise in the field, this has been, for over a century, the foundation of a company, which has succeeded to maintain a tradition of excellence developed through several generations.

Le café dans les années 60At Geo Wiener S.A., the history of coffee is originally a family story that began in the 1900s, when George Wiener and his partner and cousin Ben Blanchet started exporting coffee, through “Blanchet et Wiener” in addition to cocoa, an activity they were already involved in, in Dame Marie in the South of the country.

During that time, the coffee trade was growing and profitable for the country, with an annual production reaching a million of bags, and exports close to 600.000 bags.

Thanks to the work of all the factories in Petit Goave, Fond des Nègres, Beaumont, Jérémie and Dame Marie, Geo Wiener et Co. became one of the principal houses of green coffee export. Many European roasters used the “black pearl” to improve the Robusta variety from Africa or Brazil.