Our Audit practice provides advice and services certification services. While adapting to changes in the rules governing the profession, our team focuses on the methodology to be adopted, observation of audit standards in order to build confidence with regard to financial reporting the audited entity. 

Our CPAs fit all your needs in financial accounting, management accounting and cost accounting. Our objectives are to strengthen your accounting structure to adapt to new local and international standards. 

We offer consulting services for all types of investment and financing necessary á your business.
Our added value to your business plans ensures the success of your application for funding from investors, banks or lenders of local or foreign funds. 


With our experience and mastery of the Haitian tax legislation, our advice and services, bring you optimize your tax burden and support to the Haitian tax authorities. 


Our risk management tips will help you better define an efficient strategy for your business, to assess the risks of governance and monitor key performance indices. 


Systematization of financial data facilitates the real-time analysis of your financial statements for decision making at the enterprise management level.