United Shipping & Logistics is a total logistics provider operating globally with world-class scale and quality to lower cost, reduce time and remove risk for firms by developing an efficient logistics and supply chain ecosystem that leverages our assets and provides opportunities for collaborations and partnership. 

USL provide tailored, economical and high quality international supply chain solutions, comprising of combinations of airfreight, sea freight, warehousing, logistics and support services. And then they deliver … on time.

USL strive to provide all customers – large and small – with world-class levels of support, care and commitment.

USL is well known within our market and have sound, strong connections with their fellow Cargo Connections partners. Sometimes even better relationships than common carriers have within their own company. Cargo Connections thrives because of the exceptional service provided by their Members. The better job each Member does the more business they will receive. So they pick up the shipment as quickly as possible and do their very best to make sure the freight arrives on time