Caribbean Craft is a marketing organization for Haitian craftspeople. Based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital, Caribbean Craft has contended with Haiti's difficult social problems and infrastructure limitations. Many of the articles made by Caribbean Crafts are handcrafted from recycled or locally-produced material: steel from used steel drums, papier mâché from cement bags, glue from the starch of locally grown manioc and used plastic bottles and gallon containers.

Caribbean Crafts was founded in 1990 by young Dutch and Belgian entrepreneurs to address high unemployment with artisan training, design assistance and new export market outlets.


The beauty of Caribbean Craft can be found in its cultural authenticity, master craftsmanship and stylish expressions. Equally beautiful is the commitment to fair trade held by Caribbean Craft’s proprietors, Joel and Magalie Dresse. Featured on Oprah, these champions of artisana are respected internationally for the opportunities they bring to artisans living in Haiti.